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Welcome to the CoMM Research Group Website!

Based in the Department of Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire, we are a research group interested in multiscale and multiphysics simulations relevant to energy systems.


Computational multiphysics refers to the study of coupled physicochemical processes using computational methods. Such processes typically combine laminar or turbulent multiphase flow, reaction and transport of chemical species in multicomponent mixtures, transport of charge or small particles, heat transfer, sound wave propagation and various kinds of phase change. The Computational Multiscale and MultiPhysics (CoMM) Research Group focuses on tackling some of the most challenging computational multiphysics problems of relevance to energy systems. Energy systems that convert chemical energy to heat, electrical or mechanical energy typically involve nonlinear interactions of multiple physical and chemical processes with a wide range of time and length scales. The objectives of our research are to advance the fundamental understanding of the multiphysics and multiscale phenomena in reacting flows through theory and computation, to develop predictive, reduced-order models for engineering applications, and finally to develop computational tools for the multiscale and multiphysics simulations.

News & Events

March 2023 - Emre Ustun won the best presentation award at KAUST Research Conference on AI for Energy. Well done Emre!


September 2022 - Two members of our group delivered oral presentations at International Symposium on Ammonia Energy in Cardiff.

January 2022 - Congratulations to Mr. Cihat Emre Ustun and Mr Waruna Maddumage for joining our group as PhD students. Very welcome Emre and Waruna!

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